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The 2014 edition of the Winter Olympics will take place in Sochi, Russia and will break records. Never before have so many different sports been featured. A total of 98 events are planned and 12 different sports will be represented. A record number of women will take part in the games and about 80 countries will participate. If you are not one of the lucky sports fans who will get to see the games in person in Sochi, you will be able to follow the Olympics online thanks to live streaming.

Live streaming will be offered by the channels or networks that own the rights to the Olympics. The Olympics will be broadcast in 44 different countries and there is only one channel or network that owns the copyrights for the games in each of these countries.

Because online streaming has become so popular for major events such as sports competitions, presidential elections or even the daily news, most of the channels broadcasting the games will also offer live streaming of the events so you can watch the games in real time and not miss out on any event.

The sports featured at the 2014 Winter Olympics include ice hockey, figure skating, curling, speed skating, short track, biathlon, ski jumping, cross-country, the Nordic combined, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboard, bobsleigh, skeleton and luge. Popular events like ice hockey or figure skating will get plenty of air time on TV but other events like the Nordic combined or the biathlon will be a lot easier to follow thanks to the live streaming available on the Internet.

You can already check the schedule of the events planned. The official Sochi 2014 website has a detailed schedule of all the events as well as their date and time. Events will begin on February 6th and end on February 23rd and take place at two different venues. Keep in mind that there is a time difference of nine hours between Sochi and New York. You should figure out what the time different is between where you live and Sochi to get an idea of when the events you want to follow will be available for live streaming.

NBC will broadcast the games in the US, the BBC owns the copyrights for the games in the UK and other channels and networks broadcasting the games in English include RTE in Ireland, Network Ten in Australia, CBC Television, RDS, Sportsnet TSN and TVA Sports in Canada, Sportfive in Europe, Sky Television in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands and STAR India in South Asia. There are many more channels broadcasting the games and live streaming available if you speak other languages than English.

You can get ready for the games by visiting the Sochi 2014 official website. Take a look at the events planned and at the schedule. Even though the sporting events begin on the 6th of February, the opening ceremony will take place on the 7th. You will find links to the official Sochi 2014 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The YouTube channel already has some videos of the venues as well as videos featuring the volunteers working on the games. You should also check the official site of the channel or network that will broadcast the games in your area. Test one of their current live streams to make sure you already have the plug ins required to watch their videos and download it if needed. Some channels already have a weekly show to keep you updated about the games.

Following the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics should be easy thanks to live streaming over the Internet. Check the schedule in advance and make plans so you do not miss your favorite events or the opening and closing ceremonies!

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